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Did you know that the Venus Flytrap is only one of hundreds of species of carnivorous plants, and that a staggering number of those species are actually in cultivation by hobbyists and growers?

CAPTIVATED: The Allure of Carnivorous Plants tells the stories of four people whose lives were affected in different ways by the cultivation of these many fascinating plants. Learn about the many of the wide range of carnivorous plants out there as each person tells the story of their journey.

Matt is a grower whose fascination with these plants led to a very different path from the one he began. Embracing the artistry of the image, Matt embarked on a journey that has taken him from design to photography, with exhibitions and more...

Iván has been fascinated by carnivorous plants for a significant portion of his young life. Now in high school, his ever-improving cultivation skills have brought some of the more esoteric plants within his reach...

Eric has coupled his passion for carnivorous plants into his life. As a full-time cultivator and retailer, his very livelihood exclusively depends on maintaining a high turnover of plants year-round...

Jonathan M. took what began as a simple hobby and parleyed it into an online community. His continued efforts bring together growers across the world, from hobbyists to professionals, culminating in an annual fundraiser for conservation charity...

Hear these stories and more, as you learn about some of the amazing types of plants seen in the pictures here. See the sticky tentacles of the Drosera sundews, the gaping maws of the Nepenthes pitcher plants, the striking colors and patterns of the Sarracenia pitcher plants, the patient surfaces of the Dionaea Venus Flytrap, the delicate leaves of the Pinguicula butterworts, the bizarre trap of the Cephalotus pitcher plant, the striking flowers of the Utricularia bladderworts, the spiraling chambers of the Genlisea corkscrew plants and several others...

I'm an independent filmmaker and a carnivorous plant hobbyist that eventually opened a carnivorous plant nursery here in New York City.

Along this journey, I've seen some amazing plants and met some amazing people, right here in New York.

Their stories are the ones that I'd like to share.


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