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(Updated 05/11/21)

This film project would not have been possible without the generous support of our contributors, who are listed below.

Anthony R Saporito
Axel Muehlig
Barbara Lindemann
Bill Steinmeyer
Christie Bialowas
Diane P Hyde
Favio Rene Roman
Heather Seiber

Kathleen italiano


Maureen Kivlan

Lulu Hermes
Midtown Carnivores
Natch Greyes & Therese Smith
New England Carnivorous Plant Society
Phat Skinny Corp. / Milo Lin
Siu-Tsang Kui
The Mui Family
Tina D
Tyson Gregory


(Updated 5/11/2021)

Matthew Kaelin  
Eric Kunz  
Iván Lacroix  
Jonathan Mejia  
Ashley Gamell
Ryan Georgia
Natch Greyes
Gennadyi Gurman
Lulu Hermes
Hasina Islam
Jonathan S. Kui
Aixa Lacroix
Etienne Lacroix  
Will Lenihan
Lisa Ortlieb
Samantha Ross
Dave Sackett
Gabriela Strejilevich de Loma
Erin Thelen  
Anthony Saporito  
Corey Bennett  
Writer, Director, Editor...  Jonathan S. Kui


Producers Midtown Carnivores
  Christie Bialowas
  Phat Skinny Corp., Milo Lin
  The New England Carnivorous Plant Society
Associate Producers The Mui Family
  Lulu Hermes
2nd Unit Director Cynthia Restrepo
Music Composed By Adonis Aletras
Narration Kristyl Cuenca-Sisko
Additional Narration Jonathan S. Kui
Additional Illustration Andrea Terán
Special Thanks Heather Seiber
  Natch Greyes & Therese Smith
  Kathleen Italiano
  Axel Muehlig
  Tyson Gregory
  Maureen Kivlan
  Siu-Tsang Kui
  Barbara Lindemann
  Allisa Rafone
  Favio Rene Roman
  Bill Steinmeyer
  Trey Hale, a.k.a. "Naturenuts"
  Lynn Ambrico (to Eric Kunz)
  Black Jungle Terrarium Supply
Very Special Thanks Queens Botanical Garden
  Samantha Ross
  Sonderling High School, Brentwood U.F.S.D.
  Brooklyn Public Library

Dirty Bird to Go

  Earth Matter

Tower Hill Botanic Garden


Native Exotics


Elizabeth Reina-Longoria


Brooklyn Botanic Garden


Cornell University Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County
            & 4-H Youth Development Program

  Vicki Fleming
  Tracy Wood

New York Hall of Science


Aquascapes Unlimited, Inc.

  Father Nature's Garden Center
Personal Thanks S. Plum
  Travis Kui
  Bethany Kui

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